psycedelic drugs and science

jewels barb.c at
Thu Dec 3 06:48:41 EST 1998

ok i know this will sound weird but i am a classic post traumatic stress
syndrom person with a big touch of anxiety and i am a female of 31 years and
i have been to all the doctors and i am manic depressant. i have taken all
the shitty medicine and tried all the crappy affirmations and i have
attempted suicide about 5 times. i have been a drug addict a stripper and a
wife and mother. i really had a bad child hood but i won't go that far. it
is any wonder i turned to drugs, first weed then coke which i haven't done
since i was 20 years old. i still like my weed sometimes but not too often.
i was just wondering what someone may know about dextromethorphan
hydrobromide (the ingredient in cough syrup) and the effects if taken in
high doses. well people have been tripping on it since the 60's and i have
to tell ya it is the best therapy i have ever had! i want someone to pay me
for a study on the effects of DXM and the mind. there are lots of reports of
paranormal stuff happening while under the influence of this drug. while i
have been taking it it has changed my whole life i am now not smoking weed
and i am working on quitting smoking and i believe in god now when i used to
not. my anxiety is gone and my depression is gone and i am dumbfounded by
it. if you are serious and i mean it. and if you know what this stuff does
to your head or if you are are curious what it has done to me please email
me at barb.c at
i swear i could go on and on about the weirdness of this drug. please only
serious replys. this could be a breakthrough in a lot of ways. when i take
it i am turned on like a lightbulb. It is very hard to explain it is a
psycedelic some compare to acid or ketamine which i have never done either.

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