Need some help ofr a presentation

F. Frank LeFever flefever at
Thu Dec 3 22:41:04 EST 1998

Solid information would grab the attention of a "qualified" audience.

If you do indeed know each step in the pathway(s) (parallel??), a
series of brain diagrams (MRI slices?) (presumably of monkeys), one for
each stage, with a simple list of drugs and effects along each, should
do it.

Seems to me most color vison alteration by drugs I've heard of has
related to the retina--e.g. because isoform of penile target is close
to isoform of the enzyme (a step after NO, I believe) in the retina,
color vision alteration (poor discrimination of blue from green??) has
been reported as side effect of Viagra...

If you right now (or later) have info re drug impacts at other stages,
we'd appreciate your posting them here!

F. Frank LeFever, Ph.D.
New York Neuropsychology Group

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oc0u702c at (Ayesha Ahad) writes: 
>   I'm a second year orthoptist and as part of our neurophysiology
>we have to produce a poster and give a speech.
>My group has already decided to do this on the pathway of clour
>and relate this to the effect of drugs on each stage of the pathway
>(especially recreational drugs!).
>I've got some ideas but I need someone to point out to me things of
>interest that would grab someones attention if they saw the poster.
>Also references to authors and titles to do with effect of drugs on
>vision would be incredibly helpful and greatfully recieved!
>                                   Ayesha

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