can someone answer my question?

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>>can someone tell me how self-awareness(or conscience) arises in any
>>given organism?
>>more specifically, what are the theories concerning how the brain, with
>>all its component parts (neurons, glial cells, etc.), organizes itself
>>to become one? how does concience arise from such organization?
>This question has a simple answer. No one, absolutely no one, nowhere, has
>demonstrated how awareness or self-awareness arises in an organism. Nothing
>has been done. No one has ever told how awareness arises. Nothing, nothing,
>No one has explained why we are aware of a multitude of neurons as a unity.
>Theories are another matter. Anyone may put forth a theory. Theories are a
>dime a dozen.

Well, this is significant statement, considering it is coming
from a person, who dedicated his life to study of issues.

Yes, it is a pitty that these so called sciences and these
bullshit peddlers, calling themselves scientists, talking
utter nonesense about artificial "intelligence",
just simply have no clue of how the most significant
aspect of intelligence even arises.

"Nothing, nothing, nothing" is a good summary of what has
been done by the science in the area of intelligence,
awareness and consciousness. Even the science of the psyche,
the psyche-ology, simply denies the existance of the very
subject of its own study to this very day.

But there is a surprise for all those, who is asking
how awareness arises in the organism. There is an answer.
But you will have to find it yourself.

The subject of awareness is a central subject in the domain
of truth, or THAT WHICH IS, as in order to even come close
to that which is, you better be aware, else all you have is
a pile of lies and manipulation.
That is all.

And remember one thing,
noone will make you aware from the outside.
No method, no pill, no excersize,
no dogma, no book study, no belief,
not even your funky "sciences".

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