can someone answer my question?

Ray Scanlon rscanlon at
Fri Dec 4 21:14:35 EST 1998

psychofunkster wrote in message ...
>can someone tell me how self-awareness(or conscience) arises in any
>given organism?
>more specifically, what are the theories concerning how the brain, with
>all its component parts (neurons, glial cells, etc.), organizes itself
>to become one? how does concience arise from such organization?

This question has a simple answer. No one, absolutely no one, nowhere, has
demonstrated how awareness or self-awareness arises in an organism. Nothing
has been done. No one has ever told how awareness arises. Nothing, nothing,

No one has explained why we are aware of a multitude of neurons as a unity.

Theories are another matter. Anyone may put forth a theory. Theories are a
dime a dozen.

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