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>>>Re: Non-lethal weapons acting via external manipulation of the
>>>Nervous System
>>>Why not use a radio wave tuned to neurotransmitters causing a seisure
>>The problem is that the dopamine frequency is perilously close to the
>>GABA frequency, so that the response would be uncertain.
>>Also, the peptides require such a complex blend of frequencies as to
>>be beyond current radio technology.      ;-)
>Can you clarify?  What do you mean by dopamine "frequency" and GABA
>If you are indeed referring to some line of research which has eluded
>me, please supply some references.  I AM aware of a study on ELF
>effects (i.e. not radiofrequency range) on--?  5-HT, I believe.
>F. Frank LeFever, Ph.D.
>New York Neuropsychology Group

Sorry to confuse you.  But I have been so annoyed by the lack of real
science in so much of what I see on a newsgroup supposedly devoted to
neuroscience that I tried my hand at a little sarcasm (indicated by the
little emoticon I included).

It is possible that any physical stimulus might somehow indirectly
a neurotransmitter level.  That is a far cry from "a radio wave tuned to
neurotransmitters".  The notion of a "dopamine frequency" is the
logical consequence of this tuning.  You are right,  it makes no
sense whatsoever.

 I assumed by comments were so outrageously silly that they could
not be taken seriously.

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