On Prejudice

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Fri Dec 4 22:31:37 EST 1998

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> Perhaps I'll send a letter to the NFL Commissioner demanding that the final minutes of
> the game be replayed... under the penalty of Fraud... not because I'd expect anything
> to be done because Truth's been trampled-on, but to "just" study the whole set of
> dynamics that has had folks so-Loving Deception.
> "'two'-fa!"
> K. P. Collins

One more thing...

I read in _USA Today_, this afternoon, about the NFL Commissioner's attempt to thwart the
Free Speach of the owner of the Buffalo Bills.

Not only is the NFL Commissioner's action Fraudulent, it flat-out throws the U. S.
Constitution to the ground, and "Stomps" on it, "two".

When will this Non-Sense, which not only "defends" Falsehood, but flat-out Celebrates it,
be at an End?

In =This Nation=... Falsehood is =Celebrated= ...Falsehood is Televised, Uncorrected, to
our Children? Is that what we want our young Athletes to Learn?

It doesn't matter what they do on the Field of the Contest?

..."Get away with whatever you can get away with"?

The final minutes of the Patriots-Bills game =must= be replayed.

To the NFL Commissioner... =Cease= your Dictating against Truth.

To the Owner of the Bills... The "fine" imposed upon you is =Unjust=... if you want me to
Testify on your behalf, as to the Consequences and Ramifications of "Accepting" Falsehood,
email me. K. P. Collins

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