Requesting a Gift Idea

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Sun Dec 6 00:38:29 EST 1998

harryking at wrote:

> Does anyone have a good idea for a holliday gift
> for someone interested in the sciences?

Get 'em a fine-metering valved pipette, a stand for the pipette and a
bottle of Johnson's Baby Shampoo.

Have 'em mount and fill the pipette with shampoo, and let it stand for as
long as it takes for the bubbles to "go away". Then, have 'em get out a
glass bowl crank open the pipette's valve just enough to allow a fine,
hair-like flow of shampoo run into the bowl.

What you'll see is a macroscopic "atom", replete with what appear to be
"quantal" events, but which are actually "just" the one, Continuous,

When they ask, "So what?", tell 'em that you've given them The Future. ken

[P. S. I think there's still a longer version of "this" discussion over in
sci.techniques.xtallography.] ken collins

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