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Richard Norman rsnorman at
Sun Dec 6 14:38:26 EST 1998

Mark Brady wrote in message ...
>I am a student studying Cognitive Science, and I have an essay
>entitled, "It is spatio-temporal integration that allows neurones to
>process data".  If anyone knows of any good references, or has an
>first-hand information on the subject, could they please email me with
>relevant info.
> M.E.Brady

The "processing of data" by a single neuron ordinarily refers to the
integration that results when large numbers of synapses (many thousands)
converging on the dendritic tree, each with different frequencies of
(up to hundreds of impulses per second) all contribute to the membrane
potential of the postsynaptic cell.  Look up "spatial summation" and
"temporal summation" and think about what "spatio-temporal integration"

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