Does anyone know what orthostatic intolerance is???

William Byrd wrbyrd at
Sun Dec 6 15:31:33 EST 1998

Her symptoms are numerous blackouts, skipping heart beats (she has 1st
degree heart block), localized, hopefully temmporary nerve damage, low blood
pressure, 2 fainting episodes, increased heart rate, gastro-intestional
problems, exercise intolerance, etc.  If I remember correctly, the black
outs caused her to go to the doctor, but so much has happened since then
that I can't remember exactly.  She has been on several medications over the
past year and a half because the doctors did not diagnose her correcty for
some time.  Most of the medications that she was on made her symptoms worse,
not better.  They did, however put her on a high salt diet and told her to
drink at least a quart (I think) of Gatorade a day.  She will, as far as she
knows, be on this for the rest of her life.  She has seen cardiologists,
neurologists, gasterointerologists, psychologists, family doctors, and
consultants.  They have done, literally, just about every medical test they
can think of.
Aaron Bearchief wrote in message <74cj7f$mpq at>...
>What are the signs and/or symptoms?  What brought her to seek medical
>advice in the first place?  (i.e. dizzy spells?  pain?)  What course of
>treatment has she chosen?  (i.e. drugs? physiotherapy?)  And, who did she
>see?  (M.D? Chiropractor?)  This might help us along...  :)
>On Tue, 1 Dec 1998, William Byrd wrote:
>> Hi.  A friend of mine has orthostatic intolerance and does not sweat on
>> feet. She was told that this was degeneration (I don't know if I spelled
>> this right, but it sounds something like this).  However, she can find
>> nothing about it in any medical books or on the internet.  Does anyone
>> what this is or anyhting about it or orthostatic intolerance in general?

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