Retrograde/Anterograde Labeling

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Sun Dec 6 19:42:44 EST 1998

kkollins at wrote:
: If not, I'm gonna "bag it"... I don't have "time" for "wild-goose"
: chases... which, in my current "state", is how I view asking me to deal
: with something in a ref without giving the ref's "address"... I'm
: working on hundreds of thousands of things.

Hundred's of thousands of things?  Do you expect anyone to believe

: I don't "make a big deal of
: such" (I believe this is the first "time" I've ever mentioned such)...
: the way I work stems from how things went when I was in grad school... I
: worked hard... got blown-off... so I Chose to just continue working...
: and I've been carring hundreds of thousands of things forward ever
: since... 

So you just keep adding things to your "to-do" list and never finish
any of them.  That, I might believe.

: I can't do the "Vulcan mind meld", and just "transfer" the
: understanding into folks' minds... 

Thank goodness.  Transferring halucinations would solve nothing.

: all I can do, online, is discuss a
: =few= of the things I've reified while "rampaging" through the stacks
: decades ago.
: If folks haven't worked in the stacks, commensurately, all I can do is
: what I'm doing... I can't even begin to rehash, via online msgs, all of
: the data I've taken in... I achieved Closure decades ago... after that,
: my Obligation was Clear... Explore, and Describe the "Closed" thing...
: that's the only thing I've been doing for the past 15 years.

Define "achieved Closure".

Let's see.  You have hundreds of thousands of things to do and you've
only been working on one thing for the past 15 years?  When do you 
expect to start work on the other hundreds of thousands - 1 things
to do?

: This sort of rx to my having Given all that a Man can Give cuts like a
: ragged-edged knife. I'm working =constantly=... I allow myself only
: 15-30 minutes/day to just "relax" by "visiting" a voice filled with
: Genius after I say my evening Prayers... the rest of my Life's "time" is
: =Given= to the work... and I'm always "multitasking" with respect to
: such.

You're just so misunderstood, aren't you?
: If folks "do not understand", whether because of "nomenclature", or
: whatever, folks need only make an in-person presentation opportunity
: available, and all such "difficulties" will be bridged in short-order...
: (all "nomenclature" "problems" stem directly from the fact that I
: discovered or invented the concepts to which they refer while doing the
: synthesis... =NOT=, as folk've implied, that I do not understand that
: the nomenclature I use is unfamiliar to folks other than myself... how
: could it be otherwise? The concepts have not been reified outside of my
: work.
: If anyone wonders, "why =this=, now?", it's because I've stepped-back, a
: bit, and analyzed what's transpired, and saw that folks were elevating
: trivialities to "first-importance", and asserting that I've "not asked
: in good-faith"... 

By "elevating trivialities", do you mean asking what it is that makes
you an expert in Physics, Mathematics, and Neuroscience?

: that I've "transgressed" by not "taking folks by the
: hand", to walk them through the details of the understanding... but
: that's not it... it's just that I've worked at a sprinter's pace for
: nearly three decades, full-knowing that I was racing ahead of folks... I
: did the work... and I've been working in the reified understanding for
: the past two decades... doing such is where my Obligation is, isn't it?
: Yes.
: The resulting understanding is =Huge=. It cannot be "magically"
: communicated, in a few online msgs, to folks who didn't do the work...

You haven't shown any evidence that you've done the work.  All you've
done is make claims with nothing but thin air behind them.

: but its essence =can= be Communicated via an in-person presentation,
: because, since I work diagrammatically, the capacity of powerful visual
: mechanism, to take-in information "as a flood", can be put to excellent
: use.

You're just making excuses.
: Beyond this, my Obligation includes preserving the understanding for the
: folks for whom the work was done... to accomplish this, I'm Obliged to
: do what must be done without "giving" the folks who "see" only "profits"
: opportunity to do more Forced-Withholding of the understanding from the
: folks for whom the work was done.
: I've witnessed so much Abject-Cruelty during these 29 years... all
: directed against the folks for whom the work was done... and me... part
: of this circumstance is that the folks who should've done this work,
: long ago, are Covering-Up the fact that their "idea" of "doing science"
: had more to do with "sucking-up" to funding agencies, and having
: cocktails at conferences, than doing real Work... so the work had been
: left undone... and, inherent in what I've done, is the "exposure" of all
: that. But "good"-grief, it's old-long-since that I gave my Word of Honor
: that I'd "go away" =after= the understanding is Communicated to those
: for whom the understanding was developed... can't anyone See, in all of
: my discussions of the dynamics of Forgiveness, that I was just saying
: that, "I =Understand="? Why does anyone think I saw that I'd just have
: to "go away" =after= the understanding's communicated? I'll "go away" so
: that =only= what's important need be given any attention... I don't care
: about all the Jackass-stuff that I've encountered... folks were Blind...
: they "knew not what they did"... the thing to do with respect to such is
: to Forgive.

Poor Ken.
: But I'll tell you, what I've witnessed this time around, stretches one's
: ability to Forgive because it's all been so replete with hardly anything
: other than folks striving =only= to "cover-their-butts"... and such is a
: Sorrow.
: Forgive =me= this... because I was Taught, by my Parents, =Not= to make
: a "big deal" out of things that I do, perhaps I've Failed to allow folks
: to understand... other than the 15-30 minutes/day I give myself, I'm
: =always= working as hard as a Man can work... the "stakes" are
: Awesome-High with respect to the work I'm doing, and I just do it,
: without "wearing any 'hair-shirt'" that'd Impose unseemly stuff upon
: folks... if folks Choose not to Understand, not only can I do nothing
: about that, I =Must= Guard folks Free Wills to Choose thusly.
: All the "whining" that's been folks' "response" to the work, Discloses
: Choice to me.

The only one who seems to be whining is you.  Please stop whining and
answer questions.
: Seeing such, I can only Guard Free Will, while endeavoring to find some
: other way to Communicate the Understanding to the folks for whom it was
: developed.
: When will all this "moving away from" that which is our
: Professed-Responsibility =Cease=?

Here is yet another attempt to ask some really difficult questions:

 What is it that makes you an expert in Physics?
 What is it that makes you an expert in Mathematics?
 What is it that makes you an expert in Neuroscience?
 And where is that short proof of Fermat's Last Theorem?

Eric Johnson

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