[ANNOUNCE][URGENT] PhD Position in Norway

Gerthory Toussaint toussain at idi.ntnu.no
Mon Dec 7 11:54:48 EST 1998

Neuro-models of development and learning of movement behavior

Candidate background:
B.Sc./M.Sc. in computer science, preferably experienced
with neural network models and with extra knowledge in
movement science, neuroscience (anatomy/physiology) or
behavioral sciences.

The candidate will join a group of computer scientists,
psychologists, movement scientists and philosophers
working on unsupervised development and learning of behavior.
The experimental paradigm includes three elements:
1) Models/simulations of body (skeletons/muscles) and
environment: http://www.radata.demon.co.uk/
2) Interactive, closed-environment-loop connectionist models
(neural networks) and computer simulations.
3) Hebbian learning rules (unsupervised learning)

The candidate is expected to work towards a dr.scient.-degree
at our Department.

Practical stuff:
The stipend is for 4 years, paying approximately $30.000 pr. year
(minus ca. 30% tax; but health care will cost you nothing :-)
Spread over the 4 years, a 25% effort as teaching assistant is expected.

Work place:
Department of Computer and Information Sciences
The Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Trondheim, Norway

Trondheim hosts many foreign students and people speak
english, but the candidate is expected to join norwegian courses
offered by the university.

Application deadline: December 31. 1998

If you are interested or have spesific questions, please send an
email to:   jorn.hokland at idi.ntnu.no
where you include some information on your background, grades, and
research interest.

Jorn Hokland, dr.scient.
Associate Professor
Dept. of Computer and Information Sciences
The Norwegian University of Science and Technology

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