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Mon Dec 7 02:16:35 EST 1998


No promises here. Many of the names below make reference to consciousness,
sensation, etc but few are directly concerned with the brain itself.

Look up phrenology, this is important.

Lancelot Law Whyte: The Unconscious Before Freud.

Follow up on Freud's teachers, some French guy I believe who made a fuss
about hysteria, this may give you an historical trace.

William Fliess - part of the Freud thing.

Descartes: Meditations - important historically, postulated that pineal
gland is seat of soul.

St. Augustine Remote possibility, Christian theologian who pondered many

John Locke (look under tabula rasa)
David Hume Treatise on Human Nature
John Stuart Mill

British philosophers, did not deal with brain as such but sensations and
perceptions are addressed in their philosophies.

Leonardi da Vinci did anatomical work, I suspect at some point he said
something about the brain ..

A risky search but going through Muslim middle ages scholars could be useful
eg. Harvey and circulation of blood the first? cf: Egyptian Ibn al-Nafis
found it first but living in this world we don't really want to hear that
... .

Good Luck


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