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This is to ALL:

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> > You must be really feeling the pressure, now, to go bezerk like
> > that.
> I stand on what I've posted. K. P. Collins

To ALL: What's transpired in the msgs posted by "WEJ", and my responses to them?

If you trace things, you'll see that, early-on, I publicly stated that I'd done an
Analysis, and found that "WEJ" was not interacting Forthrightly with me... I posted
this information to "WEJ".

Given the Analysis, I Analyzed "WEJ" more-deeply, and it became Clear that "WEJ's"
focus was not anything in Science and Maths, but just "me".

Given the Purpose of this Newsgroup, this fact of "WEJ's" focus was Curious, so I've
Analyzed more-deeply... I wish to discuss =some= of my findings.

First, I've been aware, since the Lack-of-Forthrightness finding, that I'd no Choice
in the matter... "WEJ" had Calculated to eliminate any possibility of Choice on my

What's that you say, "but what about Free Will?" ...Free Will is Physically-Real, but
Free Will does not "supercede Truth... Truth Determines =everything=.

If I'd Chosen not to respond to "WEJ", Truth would've "closed the door" on what I've
been working to accomplish on behalf of those who Suffer-Greatly... how's it so?

Well, the likes of "WEJ" are extremely-Familiar to me... I've a great-deal of
Experience with "WEJ"-analogues... and it's from that experience that the Consequences
of not responding to "WEJ"-like characters, never-the-less Communicates stuff to folks
who're "listening-in" on a discussion that's intercepted by a "WEJ"-like character...
and the stuff that's Communicated takes the form of "tuning-precision voids" (AoK,
Short Paper) that become the stuff with respect to which folks manifest
"moving-away-from" behavior (AoK, Ap5, Ap8).

So that was the "damned-if-I-don't"... the "damned-if-I-do" stuff was that, if I were
to respond, but not address the Calculated Mean-Spiritedness inherent in "WEJ's"
posts, I'd've, simultaneously, Abandoned Truth... and that'd, also, result in the
creation of "tuning-precision voids" within folks' neural activation "states", and
folks'd "move away from"... I've a =lot= of Experience with this sort of thing,
"two"... over the years, very-many folks've made it Clear to me that, if I
"compromised", with "respect" to their "interests", there'd be a better chance of
NDT's stuff being Communicated... but it's always been Perfectly-Clear to me that,
since it's =Always= the case that what's Compromised  in such "compromise" is Truth,
and that, since, without Truth, there's nothing that can be Relied-Upon, I've never
Compromised, nor "compromised"... it's Impossible to do so, anyway, all "compromise"
does is set up Unavoidable future Consequences... what those who like "compromise"
understand is that such Unavoidable Consequences could often be redirected so that
their Burden Falls upon others... folks in business have routinely done such in the
past (I've used the past-tense be-cause the practicability of such
shift-the-Burden-upon-others "compromise" Ceased this past summer... yes, folks
long-Familiar with such will try to continue in such... but the Consequences of
such'll no longer "shift" (the declaration that it's, in fact, so, and continued
Communication with respect to such, is my main Purpose in this online "excursion"...
it's what I've been referring to in all my posts that've quoted the Sign Maker in East
Hartford, "Truth wins, one way or the other, sooner or later.")

Anyway, Standing-Up in the face of such self-serving "bargain"-hunting which shifts
Burden to others, is =Always= a very-Costly thing to do... it's just that God made me
Spendthrift with respect to such... so I "don't count the costs" (to quote another
Country Song that's from the "time" before I kept track of which Artist sings which
Songs, so I can't give Proper Credit where Credit =Is= Due... for which I =Apologize=)
with respect to myself... but I do feel the Burden that's shifted upon others... and
this last thing always carries the day for me... there's Truth in-there that can't be
"moved away from", else "tuning-precision voids" are created, and, to the degree of
such, things dis-integrate.

So, since the stuff posted by "WEJ" was Calculated to Assure that there was nothing
that I could do that'd not create "tuning-precision voids", from which folks'd "move
away from", I Chose to respond =Strongly=... in an effort to Address the dynamics in a
way that they'll =Remain= Addressed, rather than continually-recurring, as they have
in the past. (I've no "control" over what "WEJ" posts, nor do I want any such
"control"... my Reliance is in-Truth... and when the dust's settled, Truth will Reckon
with "WEJ", won't Truth?


But, meanwhile, "WEJ" has Succeeded in Diverting the things I was working to
Accomplish. I =Apologize= that it's so. There's nothing that I could've done to
prevent such. The =Hard= thing is that "WEJ's" Calculations will have pushed back the
"time" when the Understanding will finally Come-Forward, however long such takes...
and it's with respect to this Imposed Delay, and the Folks who'll Perish be-cause it's
been Imposed, that I've Declared "WEJ" to Be Murderer.

If anyone looks, they'll see that I've =not= done such without Disheartened-Sorrow.

I Understand that all of this =must= be Exceedingly-"Strange" to folks who still
haven't Grasped the Understanding, and I Understand that that "Strangeness" will
result in folks' "moving-away-from" (which is =Why= "WEJ's" posts are
so-Consequential)... but the stuff posted by "WEJ" was all Calculated to have Achieve
these ends... so all I've done is Acknowledge "WEJ's" "success", with respect to which
there was nothing else that I could do.

"WEJ" is a Predator.

My response to Predation is =Always= the same... I =Stand-With= the Folks who are
Preyed-Upon. K. P. Collins

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