Retrograde/Anterograde Labeling

Walter Eric Johnson wej3715 at
Mon Dec 7 23:06:25 EST 1998

kkollins at wrote:
: This is to ALL:
: Given the Analysis, I Analyzed "WEJ" more-deeply, and it became Clear that "WEJ's"
: focus was not anything in Science and Maths, but just "me".

I just got tired of reading your b.s.

: <snip, snip, snip>
: Well, the likes of "WEJ" are extremely-Familiar to me... I've a great-deal of
: Experience with "WEJ"-analogues... and it's from that experience that the Consequences
: of not responding to "WEJ"-like characters, never-the-less Communicates stuff to folks
: who're "listening-in" on a discussion that's intercepted by a "WEJ"-like character...

I doubt that there are very many people who are listening to what you
have to say.

: <snip, snip, snip>
: So, since the stuff posted by "WEJ" was Calculated to Assure that there was nothing
: that I could do that'd not create "tuning-precision voids", 

Nonsense.  You could answer a straight question with a straight answer.

: <more snip, snip, snip>
: been Imposed, that I've Declared "WEJ" to Be Murderer.

If you ever make that false accusation again, I'm going to complain
to your ISP about you.  It is a very serious matter to accuse people
of crimes of which they are not guilty.

Eric Johnson

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