processing capability of the spinal cord

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Mon Dec 7 22:54:50 EST 1998

Richard Norman (rsnorman at wrote:
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: >Richard Norman (rsnorman at wrote:
: >: The Babinski reflex is different -- a normal response requires
: >: an intact pyramidal system, that is, motor cortex.  It would go
: >: along with the rest of the brain.
: >
: >Is the Babinski reflex processed by the brain?  I think it is one
: >of the first reflexes to come back after a complete spinal cord
: >transection -- in as little as two weeks.
: >
: >Eric Johnson
: It depends what you mean by Babinski reflex.  A positive sign
: indicates upper motor neuron - corticospinal tract problems,
: therefore spinal function without the "brain".

I obviously need to go back and learn a little more about it.

Eric Johnson

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