(Beginner-)Books on the brain.

TONYJEFFS tonyjeffs at aol.com
Tue Dec 8 10:03:44 EST 1998

.I did a module a few years backas part of a correspondence degreeI'm doing 
with the Open University in the UK. 
The module is worth 1/6th of a BSc and is called "Biology;   brain and
It cost ~600poundsUK, but costs maybe ~1000pounds if you don't have a UK
address.  - a lot of money, but it is a lot easier to learn the details when
you have the pressure of assignments and exams, than by simply reading the
books yourself.
You can however buy the 6 books for around 150pounds total.
There are also audio and video tapes and a CD, but they are very expensive.
The course and the books are excellent, and tought me all the basics in good
detail and in a painless fashion.

Here is a summary of the books  (~240pages per book)
1. Behaviour and evolution.  Pavlovian conditioning etc. No 'neuro'.but a nice
2. Neurobiology. Kandal, synapses (doesn't go as far as second messengers),
nerve signalling neurotransmitters, etc etc
3. The senses and communication.  , hearing, speech pathways, touch & pain
including spinal cord involvement. 
4. Development and flexibility.  How the brain forms. overproduction of neurons
followed by selective cell death
5.Control of Behaviour. More on conditioning, dopamine, embrionic transplants,
biological clocks, stress and aggression hormones &feedback, Basal ganglia,
6.Damage degeneration and disorder.  Brain changes as you get older,
altzheimers etc.  other diseases. I wouldn't recommend some of the topics in
this book to anyone who is sensitive, and like me over 40

There is a 

For details if you are interested, contact The open University, Walton Hall,
Milton Keynes, MK7 6YZ, UK


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