A.I. Robots: Are we doomed?

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>D Herring wrote:
>> The beauty with robots is that they are controlled by computers--and we
>> all know that the most popular OS is Windows9x.
>> Therefore, we have been saved from robots taking over the world simply
>> because their "brains" will always be crashing.
>"Quick!  The Robots are revolting!   Somebody Telnet to port 135 and
>type a few characters!!!!"    (<---How to crash WinNT prior to SP3)
>On a serious note, though, I have to constantly explain to people WHY we
>don't have Microsoft products controlling our 50-ton robots.  

I read (in the November 1998 Scientific American, page 26) that the US
Navy *does* have MicroSoft products controlling (at least some of) its
guided missile frigates (Windows NT, to be precise). Be afraid, be very

In September last year a system crash immobilised USS Yorktown for more
than two hours. The Navy blames Bill Gates' political friends for foisting
a wholly inappropriate operating system onto them. MicroSoft says that it
wasn't NT that caused the problem. The Navy Department says that it is
committed to using NT, come what may.

Brett Evill

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