Dog in the Manger

F. Frank LeFever flefever at
Wed Dec 9 00:22:44 EST 1998

After promising us (perhaps one week ago?) that he would henceforth
comment only "sporadically", kkollins is again posting 2-3 nonsensical 
diffuse, and lengthy comments in a row--perhaps on a daily basis??  I
haven't the stomach to count.

He is incapable of meeting the ordinary demands of ordinary scientific
discussion and yet insists in occupying far more than his share of the
space in a scientific discussion group.

Like a dog in the manger, he is incapable of taking in what is there,
but hinders others from doing so.

This is a selfishness and self-centerdness that belies his humanitarian

Of course, given his Christlike pretensions (knowledge beyond any of
the rest of us, suffering for the sake of "the =Children=", etc.), he
no doubt feels he belongs in a manger, indeed was born there...

F. LeFever

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