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Quick (and limited) answer: do lit search on Elizabeth K. Warrington;
some of her work over the past 25 years has dealt with lesion studies
dissociating some aspects of "math" and "numbers".

SOME aspects of "time sense" are dealt with under the rubric "source
memory": frontal-lesioned patients may have problems knowing the source
of a memory, including its temporal source (i.e. WHEN an item was
learned).  A very small conribution to this lit:

LeFever FF, Kumkova EI (1996) The Recency Test: clinical application of
an experimental procedure...(etc.) Brain & Cognition, 30, 286-289.

It includes a very brief bibliography which can give you further leads.

F. Frank LeFever, Ph.D.
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>My research has been very frustrating. I am looking for research data
>possible brain systems involved in processing math, numbers, sense of
>quantities and time. I have a client with the Velocardiofacial
syndrome who has
>no sense of time and quantities.
>I would greatly appreciate any help.
>Thank you, 
>Gisela Schlauch-Rigby, M.S.
>Counseling Psychologist
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