A.I. Robots: Are we doomed?

Richard Norman rsnorman at mw.mediaone.net
Wed Dec 9 15:21:59 EST 1998

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>  <snip a lot of stuff>
>          The memory is only 3.24 trillion qubits per transistor.  The
>number of transistors can be reduced to give humans an advantage.   The
>proposal to use RS232 information links between robots
>  <snip a lot more stuff>

One would think that a technology sufficiently advanced to achieve 3.24
per transistor (whatever that means) would find a slightly more
communication system than RS232!

Perhaps RS422 would be more reliable?  or RS485 for letting small
workgroups share information?

 could also be controlled
>so that while one robot may go crazy all of them will not since they
are not
>The RS232 connection would only be necessary during the early learning
>so the robots can share information.   Only quantum entangled machines
>faster than light communication should be allowed to maintain their
>with each other.   Over all the problems can be managed to the benifit
of the
>human species.   As for the massive unemployment problem, a value added
>tax and transfer of payments to humans should be able to contain the
>Ron Blue

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