A.I. Robots: Are we doomed?

RonBlue rcb5 at MSN.COM
Wed Dec 9 12:09:11 EST 1998

>The beauty with robots is that they are controlled by computers--and we
>all know that the most popular OS is Windows9x.
>Therefore, we have been saved from robots taking over the world simply
>because their "brains" will always be crashing.
Not true.  The Neutronics Technologies Corporation robots control them self and
they are not programmed or controlled.   They learn their behavior and form
wavelets of information in oppositional states.   The actual information is
through out the string memory and is analog.   The equations allow for memory to
effect behavior up to 45 years into the future.   Since behavior is independent
and not controlled there is a possiblity that you may be doomed.

Out of the 5000 years of slavery of other independent beings there were only
two major rebellions.   Since the robots will know our knowledge and have
the habit strength of taking care of their human owners it is unlikely they will
rebel.   They will not have the emotions of human slaves, only an informational
weighted vector.    The memory is only 3.24 trillion qubits per transistor.  The
number of transistors can be reduced to give humans an advantage.   The current
proposal to use RS232 information links between robots could also be controlled
so that while one robot may go crazy all of them will not since they are not
The RS232 connection would only be necessary during the early learning process
so the robots can share information.   Only quantum entangled machines for
faster than light communication should be allowed to maintain their connections
with each other.   Over all the problems can be managed to the benifit of the
human species.   As for the massive unemployment problem, a value added
tax and transfer of payments to humans should be able to contain the economic

Ron Blue

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