Two positions for MEMORY

Yinghe Hu hu at
Wed Dec 9 17:09:06 EST 1998

Memory Pharmaceuticals Corporation is an emerging pharmaceutical
company.  The mission of our company is to discover and develop
pharmaceutical products to treat memory-related disorders.  We are now
looking for molecular biologists to work in our research discovery
group.  Two positions are available in my group.  
1)  Postdoctoral position:  A recently graduated Ph.D. from a molecular
biology lab who would likes to do research to understand the molecular
basis of memory should apply.  The postdoc will use different techniques
to identify genes differentially expressed in animal models. and then
study the function of these gene products.  
2)  Research associate scientist:  MS with 2-3 years experience in
molecular biology.  

 Please send you CV to hu at

Yinghe Hu  Ph.D.
Memory Pharmaceuticals Corp.
3960 Broadway, W 166 St.
New York, NY 10032

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