Nicholas Update

Guenther And Rocio Schweigl RED_SCOUT at
Wed Dec 9 09:43:07 EST 1998

Nciholas will now be 3  months old Dec 13.  He has been off of the B6 for
approximately 1 month now and no seizures.  He is still on the Phen. Barb.
15mg and is slow outgrowing this doesage and no seizures.

The Occupational therapist has indicated that he is doing very well in all
of his behavour and skills.  In most cases he is 1 to 2 months ahead of the
milestones set for normal babies.  I only think this has occured because of
loving attention both my wife and I give (I feel that this would have been
given had he also had no problems).

I am amazed at the ability of the bdy to recover from damage especially that
of a baby.

Final comment.

Engineering........ We know this, we don't know that and we play in a
relatively small grey area with calculated risk.

Medicine........We know very little, we don't know a whole lot and we play
in a relative huge grey area with uncalculated risk.

Medicine drives engineers nuts.  Thanks for the knowledge you've been abl;e
to share.


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