Does anyone know what orthostatic intolerance is???

Aaron Bearchief abearchi at
Wed Dec 9 09:12:05 EST 1998

Hi William,

I read your previous posting with great interest and after such an
exhaustive battery of testing I must admit there may be little that
traditional medicine can offer your friend.  This is definitely not to say
that there is no hope for your friend.  This may be an opportunity to look
into alternative forms of treatment (i.e. acupuncture, imagery, etc.) 
though this is something you should discuss with your physician.  I'm
assuming your doc is familiar with alternative forms of medicine...?
Please don't discount this suggestion too quickly as the placebo effect
has proven itself in many a situation.

Having said that, I'm thinking your friend may be suffering from a
vaso-vagal disorder of some sort.  You suggested a degeneration in her
pedal nerves.  This and the vaso-vagal disorder could be secondary to some
autoimmune condition (?)

I would be interested to hear of any further developments.

On Sun, 6 Dec 1998, William Byrd wrote: 

> She said that this doesn't work because the blood pools in her legs when she
> stands, etc.  She was told that this is caused because she has poor muscle
> tone and her muscles don't contract to send the blood up to her heart.
> Currently she is working to improve her muscle tone by using low resistance
> weight training. Thanks for the suggestion, any way.
> Andrew K Fletcher wrote in message
> <912634507.940.1.nnrp-10.d4e44203 at>...
> >
> >
> >William Byrd wrote in message
> ><4tZ82.963$Pq4.4177023 at>...
> >>The Doctor said that the sweating feet is caused because of nerve endings
> >>acting up and that it has something to do with degeneration.  She does
> have
> >>low blood pressure and is drinking Gatorade and eating salt to improve
> >that.
> >>When she stands up she blacks out.  Sometimes it is worse than others and
> >>sometimes it happens even when she is sitting down.  Her legs sometimes go
> >>numb when she stands and sometimes has trouble going up and down stairs.
> >>She looses her balance easily.  She has been told that she has a problem
> >>with her autonomic nervous system, I think it is called dysautonomia.  In
> >>addition to all of this she has first degree heart block and occasionally
> >>skips beats.  Anything that anyone can tell me about this would be greatly
> >>appreciated.

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