Pinched Nerve Therapy

kkollins at kkollins at
Wed Dec 9 19:02:56 EST 1998

Is there an injury involved?

If so, see a Doctor. If not, try switching the pillow you use first... I saw
what seems to be a useful one at one of this fancy-gadget stores at a mall...
shapes itself in a slowly-flowing way... I don't own one, and probably never
will, but you might want to try a pillow switch... since the pain is associated
with stuff that occurs while you're sleeping.

Otherwise, the thing to do is work to balance the activation of all the muscles
involved. The right pillow will help in achieving such balance... the wrong
pillow interferes with such. ken collins

Krazy Kooter wrote:

> I think I most have a pinched nerve in my neck, because most morning I wake
> up and my left arm/chest, is in extreme pain, which radiates all over my
> left side into my wrist/neck.
> Are their any suggestions or excercises I could try?

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