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Wed Dec 9 19:51:17 EST 1998

Walter Eric Johnson wrote:

> [...]

> 5 is a solution to x^2=25.

What "WEJ" says is meaningless.

"5" what?

"5" "atoms"?

"5" Galaxies?

"5" has no Physically-Real Existence.... and until "5" is "assigned" dimensions, "x" can be correlated
with no Physically-Real Existence... so all that's left are Infinite Infinities... other than the
Algorithm that one uses to "equate" Abstract "5" with Abstract "x"... an "Algorithm", although, useful,
is not a Solution that correlates with anything having Physically-Real Existence.

Maths, as it occurs in the books, is 100% "idealization"... it's Useful, of course... but it's also
been a Tyrannical Dictator... what it Dictates is that "no one is allowed to =See= Physical Reality".

What does "WEJ" want me to do...? Reiterate the "Platitudes" with which the books are filled?

I cannot. I'm Obliged to Honor Truth.

"WEJ" should put what's here together with my response to "WEJ's" post in the "Weep with me" thread...
it's not even Hard to See how Neuroscience has Chosen to Serve at the Behest of the Dictatorial Tryanny
that has so-Ravaged Humanity since the Beginning.

> 5 is a zero of f(x)=x^2-25.  Are you
> saying that 5 is not a solution to x^2=25?  Are you really, truly
> absolutely positive that you are an expert mathematician?
> (By the way, x^2 means x squared.)
> Eric Johnson

I stand on what I've posted. K. P. Collins

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