Neural Therapy

F. Frank LeFever flefever at
Wed Dec 9 22:10:35 EST 1998

Doctor of what?  Do you mean a doctor of medicine, i.e. a physician? 
"Registered"? Not licensed?  "Registered" where?
What the hell is "neural therapy"?  (Sorry, I'm not up on all the
latest scams).

F. Frank LeFever, Ph.D.
New York Neuropsychology Group

In <74nb6i$98j$1 at> JJMARTINEZ at EDMI.COM writes: 
>I have a friend that is looking for a job on Canada. He's Mexican but
he has a
>lot of experience on "Neural Therapy". He is a registered Doctor and
wants to
>work on that Country. If anybody has info on this, please email me at
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