F. Frank LeFever flefever at
Wed Dec 9 22:06:07 EST 1998

Does anybody else think kkollins has an =Obligation= to continue his
ignorant, selfish, and grandiose posturing in this newsgroup?  Let him
hear from you.

F. LeFever

In <366F28BF.CB44A50D at> kkollins at
>I have, in fact, stayed on here in bionet.neuroscience be-cause of the
>Obligation Inherent in what's transpired in other threads. (I'm
>for another "place" to work, but See that I must stay-on, a bit, here
>bionet.neuroscience.) K. P. Collins
>kkollins at wrote:
>> I'll be online only sporadically for the forseeable future.
>> I Hope some small Communication happened. ken collins

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