Save the Fluffies

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Thu Dec 10 15:58:49 EST 1998

'Animal Rights' in Britain is becoming a frontguard for a hardcore of
semi-terrorist drop-outs whose media stunts and intimidatory techniques are
in contradiction to the essence of their cause.

Recently they released thousands of Mink into countryside around the New
Forest and Shropshire.
The Mink went on to establish themselves in the local ecosystems and
permanently unbalance the food chain in the surrounding areas.

Their current crusade is in the name of science: a government 'pledge' in a
pre-election leaflet.
As media bait they have a 'Mr Horne', currently serving 18yrs for Arson.
Having been on  hunger strike for 65 days, 'Mr Horne' is now close to death,
which (should it occur) will doubtlessly lead to a series of attacks on
individuals and property.

IMO these actions only serve to drive a stake between the rights movement
and the scientific community, further polarising the resolve of the two

As it appears to the general public at large, the 'Animal Rights' movement
has no real agenda ... only to attract media attention to their garbled
message by whatever means they have at their disposal.


S(peakers) C(orner)

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