neural net on a chip

Walter Eric Johnson wej3715 at
Thu Dec 10 14:03:19 EST 1998

jjj (jaceklk at wrote:
: what is the current state-of-the-art for neural net chips? And what is the
: highest number of neurons on single chip currently achieved?
: All the reports I found on the web were quite old, for example, Ni1000 has
: only 1024 neurons.

Take a look at the October 3, 1998 issue of The Economist.  There is
an article on page 93 (US version) about the potential for some new
chip-making techniques from Irvine Sensors Corporation in Costa Mesa,
California.  Their long-term goal is to stack 1,000 neural chips in a
single cube with each layer containing 1,000 silicon neurons.

Eric Johnson

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