Marco Hoeksma m.r.hoeksma at
Thu Dec 10 03:35:54 EST 1998

Maybe alt.humor is a good place for you.

I have been reading your postings for a while now, and I wholehartedly
agree with Eric Johnson and Frank le Fever. Your posts do not belong
here (but when you take into account that they probably are a product of
some bipolar or delusional disorder, they even might be appropriate in a

Your pseudo-intellectual psychobabble is good for a laugh. Taking it
seriously is out of the question. So follow my first suggestion and go

kkollins at wrote:
> I have, in fact, stayed on here in bionet.neuroscience be-cause of the
> Obligation Inherent in what's transpired in other threads. (I'm looking
> for another "place" to work, but See that I must stay-on, a bit, here in
> bionet.neuroscience.) K. P. Collins

drs. Marco R. Hoeksma
University of Utrecht
Faculty of Pharmacy
Dept. of Psychopharmacology

The Netherlands


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