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kkollins at wrote:
> Perhaps you'll cite some specifics?
What about:

the Neural Topology, which Rigorously-Preserves the
Body-External-Environment Topology, and, hence, the External 3-D
Energy-Gradient Topology is Rigorously-preserved at the  molecular
"level"... and beyond, to the Ionic-Conductance "level"... and to the
"Level" of "only" Energy... the "Automation of 'knowing'" results from

> Or, if you'd rather, just show me one Pharmacoligical dynamic that
> contradicts what's in AoK, Ap9. ken collins

Better yet, you show me some publications about this Aok and Ap9 (and
Ap5 and External-3D-Energy-Gradients and whatever) in a few serious
journals, and I might even look into it. (So don't start about what
you've posted in this NG).

(Btw, my teacher in elementary school always told me not to 'quote' (!)
every word. It gives the impression you can't think of a more suitable
one. But then: =Underlining=, "quoting" and
Putting-Everything-in-Capitals probably makes you feel more secure about
the nonsense you write.)

> Marco Hoeksma wrote:
> >
> > Maybe alt.humor is a good place for you.
> >
> > I have been reading your postings for a while now, and I wholehartedly
> > agree with Eric Johnson and Frank le Fever. Your posts do not belong
> > here (but when you take into account that they probably are a product of
> > some bipolar or delusional disorder, they even might be appropriate in a
> > way).
> >
> > Your pseudo-intellectual psychobabble is good for a laugh. Taking it
> > seriously is out of the question. So follow my first suggestion and go
> > away.
> >

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