minds and brains

Doug do at not.spam
Fri Dec 11 00:42:58 EST 1998

Personally I've always suspected that the brain is a huge 
bio-based statisitical computer specifically made for 
continually doing statistical correlations in parallel, 
multiple inputs at once.  And from this point of view, 
the "mind" or the thing that is "you" or "me" is doing 
continual statistical autocorrelations.  Guess I'm just 
convinced that the best explaination to date is a form 
of mathmatical statistics. 

Correlating/autocorrelating, layer upon layer.  Somehow it 
all manages to come out as a train of thinking, a stream of 

At the soma level, it's all discrete incredibly complex 
multidimensional processes.  At the global level, it 
appears to us as continuous. 

I also believe that actual memory is functional. The memory 
of an event localized in your brain is in pieces. Some of 
them even disconneted.  But, "remembering" operates something 
like a huge error correcting algorithm filling in the pieces.  
People with better memory than others (aside from some obvious 
biological or pathological causes) simply have some sort of 
better/more efficient error algorithms, processes that fill 
in the pieces better; down at the soma/synaptic level. 

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