Spike initiation in central neurones

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Thu Dec 10 22:22:48 EST 1998

Action potential initialization occurs =solely= as a result of ionic
concentrations in the Rigorously-Topologically-Correlated extra-cellular
space of dendritic tree and soma... all the factors which determine the
ionic concentrations have to be integrated in a calculation with respect
to a neuron's "decision" to "fire"... all such "factors" are as is
described in AoK... the Neural Topology, which Rigorously-Preserves the
Body-External-Environment Topology, and, hence, the External 3-D
Energy-Gradient Topology is Rigorously-preserved at the  molecular
"level"... and beyond, to the Ionic-Conductance "level"... and to the
"Level" of "only" Energy... the "Automation of 'knowing'" results from
such... As is briefly Explained in AoK, Understanding all of this, which
stands Rigorously-Verified, to the degree of such Understanding,
Eliminates the "Automation", leaving a Human Being where there was,
formerly, just an behavioral-"Automaton". K. P. Collins

Koye wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Does anyone have information on current research (i.e 1yr old or less) that
> produced results that have thrown further light on the site of action
> potential initiation in mammalian central neurones? I am doing a critical
> review on a paper that discusses this topic and I need current information.
> Also, does anybody out there know how to go about structuring a critical
> review?
> Any information sent (to aao20 at cam.ac.uk) will be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks a lot,
> Koye

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