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Thu Dec 10 21:51:25 EST 1998

Walter Eric Johnson wrote:


> You have no obligations to post here.

"WEJ" just can't think their thought.

> If you are gong to post here, the only honest thing to do is to back > > up your claims.  You refuse to even attempt that.

No, that's not it. "Your" posts have been "all over the place" in a way
that was Rigorously-Discordant with the work I was doing. My "time" is
=Precious=. I'm a devoted Amateur Neuroscientist who has worked, for 29
years, on problems that had been ignored. I'm here in
bionet.neuroscience to discuss my research findings specifically... such
is Hard to do be-cause folks're still Ignorant with respect to the
things I've worked on (even though AoK, and the refs cited in AoK,
constitute an Adequate introduction).

> So go away.

I was going to "take a break"... was looking-fondly toward such because
I've grown so fatigued... but "WEJ" Attacked... and after Analyzing the
full extent of the Consequences Inherent, Obligation became Renewed.

So, if "WEJ" is "displeased" "WEJ" should look in a mirror to find the
source of "WEJ's" "displeasure". K. P. Collins

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