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Thu Dec 10 21:27:00 EST 1998

Ray Scanlon wrote:


> I see no reason to couple this process with the mind. If the brain, through
> hormonal action or whatever, influences the remainder of the body why do we
> need speak of mind.

There are a number of routes to seeing why something larger than the
neural stuff is required, but the easiest way to do so is to consider
sensory-deprivation studies.

As is discussed in AoK, to the degree that a nervous system receives no
information from the 3-D energy-gradients of the external environment,
it's information-processing can =only= diverge... TD E/I increases
monotopically over the long-term (with low-"level" "supersystem
reconfigurations" (AoK, Ap5) "intervening" in a way that appears to an
external observer to be an inherent "periodicity")... the
sensory-deprived nervous system's information-processing dynamics are
dis-integrating toward "randomness".

All the other ways of seeing the same-stuff are all "just" this
same-stuff, but occurring at higher observational resolution... and they
all point directly the influence of the external 3-D energy gradients...
our nervous systems are totally-dependent upon the external 3-D energy
gradients, and it's Impossible to "explain" their information-processing
without correlating the "external" stuff.

> This is the type of magical thinking that has bedeviled
> all attempts to explain the brain. Ascribing causal powers to the mind > leads to the homunculus.

There's no need for a "humunculus"... there's "only" the need to not
ignore the external energy gradients. The neural topology, right down to
molecular dynamics, and beyond, to ionic conductances, is "engineered"
in a way that's rigorously-coupled to the external 3-d energy gradients
in which the nervous system's host organism exists... there =is=
something that's analogous to the "little man within"... it's our
bodies, rigorously-coupled, throughout their entire extents, to the
external energy gradients... interview a Cosmonaut or an Astronaut
immediately after she/he returns to Earth from an extended stay in
"space"... they'll have an "intuitive" understanding of what I've
discussed here... in "space" their bodies' coupling to the external
energy gradients are modified... to the degree of such, their
"consciousness" is also modified... they are "sensory-deprived" relative
to their existences on Earth... their bodies undergo a topological
modification while they are in "space"... check it out... this
topological modification is Rigorously-coupled with the different
external energy gradients that are experience on Earth and in "space".

It goes on and on in this way... right down to the level of ionic
conductances. K. P. Collins

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