Does anyone know what orthostatic intolerance is???

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>> She has been told that she has a
>>>> >>with her autonomic nervous system, I think it is called dysautonomia.
>>>> >>addition to all of this she has first degree heart block and
>>>> >>skips beats. 

Long term diabetics often suffer from one or more forms of autonomic
neuropathy: cardiac, gastropathy, orthostatic, etc.  The general term
autonomic neuropathy is often used because they seldom occur alone. Until
recently there was no therapy, especially for the cardiac form which has a
dim prognosis. A recent paper in Diabetes (1996-7) reports successful
treatment for the cardiac form with the anti-oxidant alpha lipoic acid.
This with double blind clinical trials in Germany. Don't have a specific
reference at hand but look for the DEKAN study, Griese one of the authors,

Any chance the patient has undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes? Often years before
that is diagnosed.

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