Save the Fluffies

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Sat Dec 12 01:50:52 EST 1998

On Thu, 10 Dec 1998 20:58:49 -0000, "Secret Celebrity"
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he food chain in the surrounding areas.
>Their current crusade is in the name of science: a government 'pledge' in a
>pre-election leaflet.
>As media bait they have a 'Mr Horne', currently serving 18yrs for Arson.
>Having been on  hunger strike for 65 days, 'Mr Horne' is now close to death,
>which (should it occur) will doubtlessly lead to a series of attacks on
>individuals and property.

The point must be made that if Mr Horne does die as a result of his
hunger strike,then the only person responsible for this action is in
fact himself.He chooses not to take food and his death  will be down
to no-one other than his own actions.

Personally,I believe that as a convicted terrorist,he should have no
rights and he should be force fed if necessary.However,if he does
become a martyr,his like will cause some chaos for a few days and
possibly kill a few innocent people.Then he will be forgotten just as
others of his like have been.

What he is doing by taking his own life is suicide,which I thought was
against the laws of this land.

Perhaps there is one law for ordinary people and another for convicted
terrorists ?


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