Spike initiation in central neurones

Hannah Dvorak-Carbone hdvorak at cns.caltech.edu
Fri Dec 11 13:38:58 EST 1998

Apologies for multiple posts and emails.  My newsreader was acting up.

- Hannah Dvorak-Carbone

In article <74pvvj$mc1$1 at pegasus.csx.cam.ac.uk>, aao20 at hermes.cam.ac.uk says...
>Hi guys,
>Does anyone have information on current research (i.e 1yr old or less) that
>produced results that have thrown further light on the site of action
>potential initiation in mammalian central neurones? I am doing a critical
>review on a paper that discusses this topic and I need current information.
>Also, does anybody out there know how to go about structuring a critical
>Any information sent (to aao20 at cam.ac.uk) will be greatly appreciated.
>Thanks a lot,

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