Can biomolecules have a collective form of "consciousness"?

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Fri Dec 11 19:11:37 EST 1998

I hope you are realising -- underneath it all -- that what your are trying
to describe -- actually it is *better* understood as "levels of
consciousness", as Janov et al does -- is a special pattern of "What Is
going on". That is to say, it is all to easy to loose sight of that
consciousness is an emergent property of something that we will never be
able to completely grasp in a detailed way with our intellects. However, if
we concentrate (re consciousness) on the by us *affectable* "levels of
goings on" (i.e. if we especially do not waste to much of our limited brain
resources on "the quantum level" of how it is that we can be conscious) then
we have a chance to ultimately know what is required for a fullest and
richest form of consciousness --- that is how to achieve a most fluently and
richly integrated state of being alive and fully human by way of having been
fulfilled and so optimally "developmentally nourished" as far as all our
"primal needs" are concerned. This term, "Primal needs", of course also
imply needs such as: for touch (especially in infancy and childhood), and
for an optimal "psychologically" encouraging and stimulating "soil" to grow
up in (generally that requires having having emotionally healthy, and so
"not "toxic"", parents).

For one, we already "de facto" know enough to conclude that "Specific
Hibernation Imploring Type (life-)Situations" tend to render us rather
chronically "selectively *unconscious*" by means of (partly but quite
centrally) our opioid-mediated "Actention Selection System" (or AS for
short --  a light-making and otherwise pragmatically contrived alternative
to "brain" or "nervous system").

Another useful notion to keep in mind is that the aftermath of
S.H.I.T.S.(from above) is "Conditioned-in & Hibernated, Hence Unconsciously
Remembered, Stressors Effecting ("EVASIVE" - this is a shortened version of
the most potent acronym of mine, namely AEVASIVE) Symtoms" [approximately
abbreviated CHHURSEES, or CURSES].

E.g.: A specific example of this terminology -- one that demonstrates how we
can allows ourselves to relatively light-heartedly get a grip on a otherwise
often "too hot to touch" fact ("potato") is, that a chronically touch
deficient environment during infancy and childhood is a "slow SHITS" that
accumulates (similar to "water-drip torture" to create a slow trauma, or
i.o.w. it puts a ditto form of  CURSES ("primal Pain", a la Janov) in the
"Actention Selection System" (or "brain".

(By the way, it would have been to restrictive to use the term "Actention
Regulating System of the Encephalon").

patanie at wrote in message
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>Les molecules ont-elles une conscience collective?
>I have found,recently(1997),a demonstrable definition of
>what is human "consciousness".
>Many years ago,I hypothesised that biomolecules might,collectively,display
>"conscious" behaviour.
>The discovery that consciousness is a phenomenon of "resonance",between
>fractal-like memory domains,made me think,recently,that it would be
>interesting to see if resonances between biomolecules could be the source
>what looks like a form of consciousness of DNA and biomolecules.
>How resonances between DNA and proteins could lead to the self-organising
>properties of matter?
>Your ideas are welcomed.
>Best regards,
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