So-long...(Cowardice Unveiled)

F. Frank LeFever flefever at
Fri Dec 11 22:54:31 EST 1998

Is this an attempt to intimidate readers of this newsgroup and try to
prevent their first amendment rights to free speech?

The coward who is afraid to present his ideas in plain statements for
the scrutiny and criticism of others now shows that he is afraid to
hear what we think of his self-indulgent abuse of this newsgroup and
irresponsible replies to people seeking information (sometimes with a
deeply personal need foor accurate information on behalf of a
neurologically ill family member).

He is making what can only be considered a veiled threat of

He guards "Free Will"? No, he guards his self-image, which must be
rather precarious at this point. He would guard it better by finding a
more gullible audience.

I am happy to have my opinion of his nonsense archived.

F. LeFever

In <366F561C.8A13B28B at> kkollins at
>to all: I must assure that you're not caught off-guard by Frank's
>"invitation". Please be aware that I archive everything that I send
>receive. Choose to comment only as you wish to have your comments
>entered into those archives. (I Guard Free Will.) Cheers, ken collins
>F. Frank LeFever wrote:
>> Does anybody else think kkollins has an =Obligation= to continue his
>> ignorant, selfish, and grandiose posturing in this newsgroup?  Let
>> hear from you.
>> F. LeFever
>> In <366F28BF.CB44A50D at>
kkollins at
>> writes:
>> >
>> >I have, in fact, stayed on here in bionet.neuroscience be-cause of
>> >Obligation Inherent in what's transpired in other threads. (I'm
>> looking
>> >for another "place" to work, but See that I must stay-on, a bit,
>> in
>> >bionet.neuroscience.) K. P. Collins
>> >
>> >kkollins at wrote:
>> >
>> >> I'll be online only sporadically for the forseeable future.
>> >>
>> >> I Hope some small Communication happened. ken collins
>> >
>> >
>> >

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