Can biomolecules have a collective form of "consciousness"?

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Fri Dec 11 22:33:23 EST 1998

Years ago, I was going to discuss this stuff in sci.physics.research,
but was locked-out. Because there're a lot of "commensurate" msgs now
posted in that newsgroup, I tried again last night, but apparently, I've
been locked-out again. It's straight Physics, but if folks allow me to
do so, I'll discuss it, a bit, here in bionet.neuroscience (just
=Please= don't buzz" me if "you" don't understand the Physics).

=Everything= reduces directly to the Continuous one-way flow of energy
from ordered "states" to disordered "states" that is what's described by
2nd Thermo ("wdb2t").

The flow of energy that is wdb2t is not only an "EverReady" power
supply, it is also what Determines the Constitutions of what have been
referred to as "atoms"... and the "resonances" to which you've referred.

We can go all the way to Consicousness, if you like, and it's =All=
wdb2t. K. P. Collins

patanie at wrote:
> Les molecules ont-elles une conscience collective?
> --------------------------------------------------
> I have found,recently(1997),a demonstrable definition of
> what is human "consciousness".
> Many years ago,I hypothesised that biomolecules might,collectively,display a
> "conscious" behaviour.
> The discovery that consciousness is a phenomenon of "resonance",between
> fractal-like memory domains,made me think,recently,that it would be
> interesting to see if resonances between biomolecules could be the source of
> what looks like a form of consciousness of DNA and biomolecules.
> How resonances between DNA and proteins could lead to the self-organising
> properties of matter?
> Your ideas are welcomed.
> Best regards,
> Claude
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