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Fri Dec 11 21:54:11 EST 1998

> Hi Ray & all,
> I agree with virtually everything you say.
> The only exception is:  I believe that my unique awareness of my own existance,
> is good evidence that I have a soul - a soul that may well be nothing more than
> a passive observer. (statistically, it is imo infinitely improbable that I
> would be uniquely and intimately  aware of the existance of  one "TonyJeffs". I
> can't concieve of a rational explanation for this phenomenon)
> Irrespective of that, the physical nervous system does appear to be entirely
> adequate for all human functions.   It follows  that all my decisions, thoughts
> and actions are systematically formulated in accordance with the development of
> my cephalated nervous system, and its response to its environment. This renders
> the concept of 'free will' unnecessary.

Although Truth Determines everything, Free Will is Physically-Real.

If one is willing to endure the Consequences of "moving away from"
"truth", to the degree of such, one =can= "move away from" "truth".

Small "t"... must be a "catch" in-there, no?


The "catch" is that, since, in the Absence of the way our nervous
systems process information, all our nervous systems do is
Blindly-Automated TD E/I-minimization, it follows that, if within
this-or-that "group" (family, neighborhood, "gang", "community",
"corporation", Society, Culture, etc.) folks Blindly "Agree" to
collectively "move away from" Truth, their collective behavior
establishes an =Illusion= of there "being truth", as long as folks
"adhere" to the "group".

To a non-"group"-member who "wanders-into" the "group's" "territory",
this Illusory "truth" will have the Appearance of "Truth", but it's all
"just" sustained by the Blind "Agreement" inherent in the "group's"
collective behaviorl dynamics.

Such Illusory "truth" can =Always= be Recognized through just
"ranging-widely" enough to detect its always-there "boundaries" within
Never-Changing Truth... such is sometimes a =Lot= of Work, but it's
=Always= Do-able Be-Cause, Love Truth, and Truth Loves you right back...
that is, "move toward" Truth, and Truth "moves toward" you... that is,
"move toward" Truth, and you'll =Always= Derive TD E/I-minimization in
Doing so (and Pleasant biological reward (AoK, Ap5), besides).

Couple such with the Will to Endure the Physically-Real Work inherent,
and you Tap-Right-Into Truth's Determinism... all the while, Enjoying
yourself, despite the Work Required of you... when stated so briefly, it
sounds like "magic", but it's =not=... it's Something Far-More-Wonderful
than "magic".

And It's all =There= Available to =Everyone= in all It's Splendor.

Do you See Why I so-Persist on Folks' behaves? K. P. Collins (ken)

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