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Hi, Doug.

Doug wrote:
> Personally I've always suspected that the brain is a huge
> bio-based statisitical computer specifically made for
> continually doing statistical correlations in parallel,
> multiple inputs at once.  And from this point of view,
> the "mind" or the thing that is "you" or "me" is doing
> continual statistical autocorrelations.  Guess I'm just
> convinced that the best explaination to date is a form
> of mathmatical statistics.

The functioning of the nervous system is Deterministic... the Appearance
of it's being "statistical" follows directly from the fact that
"knowledge" had been accumulated only =Haphazardly=... an
information-processing system that's inherently-Deterministic, but which
is programmed to function according to "chance" (due to the Haphazard
accumulation of "knowledge"), will function in a way that reflects its
programming... it will function in a way that has the Appearance of
"being statistical".

To date, the thing that's been most-significant with respect to all of
this has been the fact that folks've been artificially-separated from
one another by cultural, political, Physical, Experiential "boundaries".
As a result, all of the Haphazardness inherent in what's been accepted
as constituting "Knowledge" becomes powerfully-compounded within the
interaction of folks who've "crossed-'boundaries'". As is explained in
Aok, this results in TD E/I(up), and nervous systems respond to the
internal occurrence of this totally-abstract stuff, typically by
by-producing (AoK) "moving away from" behavioral manifestations. This
Blind Automation exacerbates the Haphazardness inherent in "knowledge"
be-cause it tends, strongly, to prevent mutual-Unfamiliarities from
being Experienced... so, in this way, nervous systems tend to Blindly
and Automatically cause their host organisms to "move away from" the
Experience which would drive neural activation "states" which would
cause the creation of the microscopic trophic ("growth") modifications
that would Physically encode the Learning that'd allow folks to "feel"
Comfortable during their interaction, be it at work, at play, or in
reaching Decisions upon which their mutual Survivals Depend... two
instances of such Awesomely-Tragic behavioral Divergence were in the
News today... one, in Northern Ireland, where, with "respect" to it's
old, long-merely-Familiar "emnity", the IRA declared that it would not
Disarm... the other, in the Holy Land, where, the the old,
long-merely-Familiar "emnity" is already Ravaging Folks, escalatingly
(AoK, Ap8). In =both= instances, one on the Verge of Savagery, the other
already in the midst of such, and in both of which which Folks've long
=Known= of AoK's Understanding, rather than "just" =Understand= and
=Act= upon what's in the Understanding, Folks're Embracing Blind
Automation, the Consequences of which Follow =Deterministically=.

[It is with the Utmost-Sorrow that I say that it's my Analysis that the
recent Dynamics here in bionet.neuroscience have been the thing that, as
the result of Deliberate Calculation, has =Caused= =both= of these
Tragedies... which I Addressed in my posts in an Attempt to Deal with
the Precipitating Factors... and which is Why, I've begun discussing
stuff that I'd no intention to discuss until at least next Spring...
what's happened here, in bionet.neuroscience, is flat-out Treacherous...
Ignorance is such a Savage "Beast"... it "Loves" to =Sacrifice= others
to "preserve" itself, without regard for long-term Consequences of
Truth. And what am I doing here? I'm trying to Clean-Up, and Contain,
the Savagery ("amygdala", AoK, Ap5) that the "Beast", Abstract
Ignorance, has Wrought. I'm also Calling Folks Responsible To-Task with
respect to that which I =Know= they Know. But the Greatest-Sorrow
Derives in the Fact that Neuroscience has withheld the understanding...
the fruits of its own Labors... from folks for so long, and now that the
understanding is so sorely-Needed, what's happening is a Cover-Up...
=Recognize= the Action of the "Beast" within such. (I =Sign= this
sub-text... K. P. Collins)]
> Correlating/autocorrelating, layer upon layer.  Somehow it
> all manages to come out as a train of thinking, a stream of
> consciousness.

I can explain it in it's Deterministic detail, and will if granted an
in-person presentation opportunity before Fair Witnesses... it needn't
be "fancy"... just with some Professionals, who can Critique, and the
Fair Witnesses who'll Fairly-Witness.

> At the soma level, it's all discrete incredibly complex
> multidimensional processes.  At the global level, it
> appears to us as continuous.

It's 100% Continuous... all reducing directly to a single dynamic.

> I also believe that actual memory is functional. The memory
> of an event localized in your brain is in pieces. Some of
> them even disconneted.  But, "remembering" operates something
> like a huge error correcting algorithm filling in the pieces.

"Rembering" consists of TD E/I-minimization, as it's discussed in AoK.
Although, because of relative "biological-Mass" (AoK), it's most-often
the case that they do not, tiny scraps of encoded stuff =Can= become the
focus of TD E/I-minimization, and all other scraps of information
contribute what they can to the TD E/I-minimization dynamics in a way
that's Deterministically-coupled to the tiny focal-scrap.

> People with better memory than others (aside from some obvious
> biological or pathological causes) simply have some sort of
> better/more efficient error algorithms, processes that fill
> in the pieces better; down at the soma/synaptic level.

Given a "normal" nervous system, the =only= relevant factor with respect
to the "memory-capacity" point you raise is Willingness to Work
("Volition", AoK, Ap7)... anyone can "Remember" as well as they are
Willing to Work to =repetitively= "cram" data into their nervous
systems... folks tend to "move away from" such because of the dynamics
of the "volitional-diminishing-returns Decision" (AoK, Ap7).

It's a Sorrow that folks tend not to so-Choose, because, if they did,
the biological reward mechanisms (AoK, Ap5), that're just
"sitting-there", inherent in all "normal" nervous systems, would "just"
"shower" them with the most-Pleasant Affect (As is explained in AoK,
Ap5, Ap7 and Ap8).

It's part of Why communicating AoK's stuff has been so "difficult"...
be-cause folks' nervous systems have been only Haphazardly programmed,
via the Haphazardly-accumulated "knowledge" that been handed-down, from
one generation to the next, over the course of the millenia, nervous
systems function in a way that "Loves" the only-Haphazardly-accumulated
(but Familiar) stuff, and "moves toward" such... be-cause Truth, being
Unfamiliar, results in TD E/I(up)... and in Absence of Understanding of
how nervous systems process information, nervous systems by-produce
behavioral manifestations which Blindly "move away from" Truth...

...they are =Inverted= from the way in which they were designed by the
Evolutionary Engineer... think about it... such nervous systems "Love"
=Savagery= more than doing the Work nesessary to Understand... they give
way to the Blind "auto-pilot" within, "thinking" that "it's all there

Is there anything more-Sorrowful that this? K. P. Collins

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