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Sat Dec 12 02:24:58 EST 1998

Doug wrote:
> I can't accept the notion that when the mind
> perceives something such as causality it is to
> be construed as accumulating knowledge haphazardly.

Think about it in terms of the "knowledge" that's handed-down
intergenerationally. Whatever's Familiar to one generation tends
strongly to be "taught" to the next generation, even though it's =only=
that which is merely-Familiar to the first generation.

It's so-Sorrowful... merely-Familiar stuff =kills= Innocents while
Blindly "striving" to perpetuate itself.

With respect to your excellent point, behavior can be Seen to be
"Attracted" to that which is merely-Familiar... I do not See such as
"perceiving causality"... or Seeing =anything=... prejudice toward the
Familiar ("PTOFA", pronounced "too-fa") is "just" Blindness,
through-and-through... "equating" Life to "less" than that which is
merely-familiar, and Savagely-Ravaging Such, is Automaton-ism,

One Hallmark of Seeing, and the Absence of Automation =Is= the
Perception of Causality, and the correlated Lifting-Up of one's Behavior
in ways that relegate what's merely-Familiar to its True place with
respect to Living and the Responsibility Inherent in Being Alive...
Wonders await Humanity's transitioning, as a whole, to such.

...and so, too, Awaits Truth, all Loving-Embrace, so-Wanting to =only=
"move toward" us all... Joining us in all our Efforts to

I have Seen it with my own eyes... Truth is the Unfailing, =Easy= to
follow, Ever-Faithful-Loving-Guide... the =One= Map.

AoK is all about Presenting this One-Gift to all folks everywhere...
and, when (if) that happens folks'll See Causality, and Know and
Cherish, and Lift-Each-Other-Up In Such...

...and Causality Will-Rush to Join in the Lifting-Up. K. P. Collins

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