kkollins at kkollins at
Sat Dec 12 01:54:03 EST 1998

If anyone attacks others, in supposed correlation to what I'm doing,
I'll successfully defend the others... such is the only way I get
involved third-party-wise.

In this matter, each person will be his/her =own= Judge. K. P. Collins

Walter Eric Johnson wrote:
> F. Frank LeFever (flefever at wrote:
> : Well, no comment, but maybe a question:  Collins, have you really NO
> : insight at all into what's happening?  Have you NO suspicion at all
> : about the accuracy of your beliefs?  Have you NO doubts?
> Ken obviously doesn't respond to reason or to being publicly
> ridiculed.  I only see two options left:
>   1) ignore him (appropriate considering the extent of his
>      ignorance)
>   2) complain to Concentric
> Eric Johnson

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