minds and brains

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Sat Dec 12 01:51:31 EST 1998

kkollins at pop3.concentric.net wrote:
> Hi, Doug.
> Doug wrote:
> >
> > Personally I've always suspected that the brain is a huge
> > bio-based statisitical computer specifically made for
> > continually doing statistical correlations in parallel,
> > multiple inputs at once.  And from this point of view,
> > the "mind" or the thing that is "you" or "me" is doing
> > continual statistical autocorrelations.  Guess I'm just
> > convinced that the best explaination to date is a form
> > of mathmatical statistics.
> The functioning of the nervous system is Deterministic... the Appearance
> of it's being "statistical" follows directly from the fact that
> "knowledge" had been accumulated only =Haphazardly=... 

I can't accept the notion that when the mind 
perceives something such as causality it is to 
be construed as accumulating knowledge haphazardly. 

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