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Sat Dec 12 04:28:45 EST 1998

>(2) Unilateral neglect is not a sensory "deprivation" or "loss", but
>may better be described as "unilateral inattention".  It may affect
>more than one perceptual domain (e.g. visual, auditory, somatosensory)
>but visual effects are most often studied.  It must be distinguished
>from hemispatial SENSORY loss such as a visual "field cut" or
Related to this was a very interesting report that prisms which pushed the
total visual field to the good "right" hemisphere allowed significant increase
in abilities to see the left visual when the prisms were removed.   The effect
occurred relative fast but required additional training to keep the effect
up.   It was strongly significant over controls.   The article was in either
Science or Nature within the last three months.  I do not remember the title.

Ron Blue

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