Save the Fluffies

Andy Burt Yossarian at
Sat Dec 12 14:54:48 EST 1998

In article <3670ca2a.38437413 at>, Tim Pinney
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bit snipped
>Personally,I believe that as a convicted terrorist,he should have no
>rights and he should be force fed if necessary.However,if he does
>become a martyr,his like will cause some chaos for a few days and
>possibly kill a few innocent people.Then he will be forgotten just as
>others of his like have been.
I do not believe he ought to be force fed. If the guy dies two things

  1 One less violent nut case will be let out after his sentence ends.
  2 The community at large won't have to pay his keep.

Call me a sentimental old fool but I think both of these are desirable. 
I do not approve of people who consider burning things down and sending
letter bombs as acceptable forms of protest. Violence only causes more
Life is hard
Life is tough
Life is bitter
Life is rough
Then you die.

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