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Sat Dec 12 22:59:57 EST 1998

Aaron, you must choose for yourself, but I suggest that you think about
choosing a different topic because the topic you've chosen is one that's
much-abused these days, and it'll be difficult for you to get straight
answers from folks. =Hold onto= your idea, but pursue it when you're in
highschool. You'll need the experience you gain between now and then to
withstand, and sort-through the discordant (manipulative) stuff with
which you'll have to deal.

If you tell me your interests, I'll help you find a good topic for your
research. ken collins

Neil Martinuzzi wrote:
> To whom it may concern:
>         My name is Aaron Martinuzzi and I have to do a science fair project
> this year (seventh grade).  The project I have chosen to do is to find
> out if subliminal learning is effective.  I would like to do this
> project, but I am in need of more information on subliminal learning.
> If you could mail me back at your earliest convinience, that would be
> great. Thank you!
>                           Sincerely,
>                                     Aaron Martinuzzi

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